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In November of 2023 I launched a new journal series to read and study the gospel books. This layout is based loosely around a Facebook Group that I had created almost two years ago to read one chapter a day and post in the group what we found to be of the most interest, or what God was speaking to us through His Word. Last year, myself and a dozen other women from around the country went on that journey reading together the books of Romans, Hebrews, John, Isaiah, Psalms, and Acts.

And now, I’m back at it – but in a new way.

Page Outline

I’ve created a one chapter a day journal for each gospel book that has three simple parts. Start with praying that God would interpret his Word and reveal to you what knowledge he has for you in this text. I encourage you to seek the counsel of your elders or mentors if you have questions or do further commentary reading, if necessary; but it’s important to invite God’s Holy Spirit into your reading. He is sufficient to teach you all things. Next, choose one verse to be to focus of your reflection and write it in your journal word for word. I personally find it hard to choose just one when there’s so much to say about each verse. Finally, journal.

In the beginning of each of these journals, I’ve included a list of writing prompts to refer to if you feel stuck thinking about what you could write. “What does this scripture teach you about the character of God?”, for example.


Having studied books this way before, I know personally how fulfilling digging into the scripture can be, but I also know that mining in this way can take a lot of mental and emotional effort so I’ve added “breaks” every seventh day.

One day per week will be used to explore a different study method or a general practice to help reading retention and reflect more collectively on the week’s reading as a whole. Some activities include memorization, drawing, comparing translations, and more.

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