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women’s pray Journal


Early 2023 I became excited about the idea of a prayer journal – one like I would love using – so I made it. I designed the pages, then the cover, then I couldn’t afford to print many so my dad helped me make a book binding jig and I made them by hand.

Now you can buy it on Amazon.

I am so thankful for this Prayer Journal. It’s opened the door to the gift of writing that I somehow lost along the way- always meaning to get around to it but never taking the time. It’s tempting to just read and not write. But I am discovering that when I write, something powerful happens; awareness of deeper truths come to light and I remember what I read better. Also, my written prayers are powerful. I feel them deeply and I’m amazed by this. So thank you so much for creating this wonderful tool that has enhanced my devotional experience! God bless you Amber!